Name, Age, Birthday & all the goodies. 

Ellie Elizabeth Elaine Tobiasson McGee (LOL) is currently 21, my birthday is September 17th. I was born and raised in Utah. Dallas Rex McGee is currently 24, Born and raised in Missouri, and his birthday is July 6th :)

When did you start DreadFullHippie?

I started DreadFullHippie in 2016 when I was only 17 during my junior year!

How did you create DreadFullHippie?

It was honestly an accident. My love for dreadlocks was inspired at a very young age by my two best friends who always had beautiful hairstyles such as box-braids, corn rows, etc. and I always wanted to look just like them! After my 17th birthday I just said "screw it" I'm getting dreadlocks, and somehow by a fluke discovered a way to make synthetic ones?! After that I had so many people wanting them that it kinda just happened?

How did you and Dallas meet? 

Ohhh boy, so Dallas took my roommate out on a blind date, and when my roommate came home, she was complaining about how this guy picked her up in a topless jeep and how they got all muddy and rained on, and I was like ummmm (MASSIVELY SWOONING) over this mystery guy, so naturally.... I slid into his DM's on insta and said "Super jelly *roommate* got to go on a date with you." and the rest was history ;) I knew I was going to marry him the day we met :))))

When did you get married?

We were married February 8th 2019. Yes our wedding was THE most magical day in history, YES I got married with my dreadlocks, and YES we have our wedding video on our youtube channel @ Dallas & Ellie McGee (shameless plug)

What are some fun facts about you guys? 

We are very unique human beings if I do say so myself, we LOVE anything creepy and weird, for example we will be getting two (or more hehe) naked cats, our favorite holiday is halloween (which is why we got engaged during a halloween photoshoot) we think we are some of the funniest people alive. We LOVE the mountains! Jeeping is our number one activity to do, we love motorcycle rides, long boarding, skateboarding, traveling, snowboarding, and camping. We are also major lovers of silversmithing!

How many plants do you own?

teheeee um something like 60 maybe????

What are some of your long term goals?

We have so many! We really want to move into a warehouse and turn it into a dope New York City style loft, that also has a separate area for people to come work for us, that also has a dope half pipe in it :) Another goal is to have my dream jeep by the end of 2020, Another goal we have is to start teaching certification classes!