Attain a BOLD, mouth dropping hairstyle in the comfort of your own home.

 How many do I need?

  • Full Head = 9-12 packs
  • Partials = 4-8 packs
  • Peek-a-boos = 1 - 3 packs

 What style do I choose?

  • Standards: 20-22". Thickness: pencil & sharpie thickness
  • Skinny/ Dainty: 20-22" Thickness: phone cord - pencil
  • Celtic Straight: 21-24" (ends can be brushed/ heat styled)
  • Celtic Curly: 21-24" (ends can be brushed/ heat styled)

 What color/s do I choose?

The beautiful thing about our dreadlock extensions, is that you can choose ANY color/s regardless of what your hair color currently is and they will blend BEAUTIFULLY.

 Unlike traditional hair extensions, you do not need to match your hair perfectly to achieve the high end, luxury look! For example: I (Ellie) am naturally a red head, I have NEVER dyed my hair, HOWEVER, I have had an auburn set, pink set (shown in video below), 1/2 black, 1/2 green set and a platinum blonde set! and they all blend beautifully!