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Product Details

  • Material: Synthetic hair
  • Length: vary from 20-22 inches
  • Weight: About 90 grams per pack
  • Texture: Incredibly soft
  • REUSABLE for the rest of your life
  • Washable
  • Install: Self install (simply braid in -video example below) or have a friend / stylist install with our tutorial video we provide

Care instructions:

1. Wash with shampoo as needed (don't condition- causes unnecessary buildup). 

2. Wash extensions in-between each use.

Ordering Guide

Attain a BOLD, mouth dropping hairstyle in the comfort of your own home.


How many do I need?

  • Full Head = 9-12 packs
  • Partials = 4-8 packs
  • Peek-a-boos = 1 - 3 packs


What style do I choose?

  • Standards: 20-22". Thickness: pencil & sharpie thickness
  • Skinny/ Dainty: 20-22" Thickness: phone cord - pencil
  • Celtic Straight: 21-24" (ends can be brushed/ heat styled)
  • Celtic Curly: 21-24" (ends can be brushed/ heat styled)



What color/s do I choose?

The beautiful thing about our dreadlock extensions, is that you can choose ANY color/s regardless of what your hair color currently is and they will blend BEAUTIFULLY.


Unlike traditional hair extensions, you do not need to match your hair perfectly to achieve the high end, luxury look! For example: I (Ellie) am naturally a red head, I have NEVER dyed my hair, HOWEVER, I have had an auburn set, pink set (shown in video below), 1/2 black, 1/2 green set and a platinum blonde set! and they all blend beautifully!


Whats included?

  • Install tutorial video
  • Hair elastics for install
  • Dreadlock extensions
  • Links to educational videos
  • private access to community groups
  • stickers, pins
  • tracking number


if you order:

  • 1 pack (ships in bag)
  • 2-8 packs (ships in gold tube)
  • 9+ packs (ships in Custom Box with your name embossed in gold lettering on top)



Are these a good fit for you?

If your confidence has ever felt low due to your hair being damaged, thin, short, a bad dye job, or a botched hair cut. THESE ARE FOR YOU.


If you have recently been itching for a lifestyle change to "spice things up' or even simplify your morning routine because maybe you have recently become a new mom, or you just don't have the time to spend 40 minutes dedicated to styling your hair. THESE ARE FOR YOU.


If you have a strong, lioness like personality and feel like others don't understand you. BABE... THESE ARE FOR YOU.


Or maybe you are Gods favorite, and you have flawlessly thick, long hair and simply have always wanted to try dreadlocks but didn't want to commit. THESE ARE FOR YOU.


Regardless of your background. My team has handmade these for you. They were made to increase confidence, fulfill dreams of dreadlocks, simplify morning routines and help damaged hair grow.


The confidence these provide for anyone who wears them, is priceless. It's time for you to invest in yourself.


Its not a coincidence you are here. Take action




Shipping / Our Guarantee




Handmade products take time to ensure high quality.


  • AVERAGE ORDERS:  10 - 15 business days.
  • PRE ORDERS: 4 - 6 weeks due to order increases.


If you order:

  • 1 pack (ships in bag)
  • 2-8 packs (ships in gold tube)
  • 9+ packs (ships in Custom Box with your name embossed in gold lettering on top)


Our Guarantee

  • Order protection (when ROUTE is selected at checkout)
  • Tracking number provided
  • Safe protected payments
  • World class customer service



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